Prophecy Update #692 – We Are Lions

Prophecy Update #692 – We Are Lions TOPIC In His prophetic sermon we call the Olivet Discourse, Jesus said the End Times would be like it was in the Days of Noah, when fallen angels were attempting to corrupt and destroy the human race by altering our essential DNA makeup. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO READ […]

A True Beginning – The Big Unfriendly Giants (Genesis 6:1-12)

Genesis 6:1-12 – The Big Unfriendly Giants TOPIC In the days of Noah, the sons of God and the daughters of men produce the Nephilim, an evil race of demigod-like creatures, in an effort to stop the promises of God from being fulfilled. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 6:1-12     Deuteronomy 2:20-21     Psalm 90:10     Hebrews 11:7     1 […]

The Days Of Noah – Return Of The Nephilim

Genesis 6:1-4 – Return Of The Nephilim We have the truth about these subjects. We need to be ready to give nonbelievers a real, biblical answer – not ridicule them for asking about it. listen to the audio read the transcript “The Bible is 25-30% prophecy. Any Bible teacher should be talking about prophecy at […]

The Days Of Noah – Tall Tales

Genesis 6:4 & Matthew 24:38 – Tall Tales We hear, “eating and drinking,” and think of dinner out at a restaurant. Those same words to a Jew meant flesh-eating, blood-drinking Nephilim. listen to the audio read the transcript “The point I want to make is that we have generally ignored what is an important part […]

The Days Of Noah – Promised Land Of Giants

Numbers 13:33, Deuteronomy 2:10-11, Genesis 6:4 – Promised Land Of Giants The Old Testament talks a lot about giants. What do we really know about them? listen to the audio read the transcript “God is criticized for ordering Israel to destroy all the inhabitants of the Promised Land. It seems cruel. But what if we […]

The Days Of Noah – Sons Of Anarchy

Genesis 6:1-4 – Sons Of Anarchy Who were the Nephilim on the earth in the days of Noah? listen to the audio read the transcript “Jesus’ words do not go so far as to say angels cannot marry and reproduce.”

Pour Boys (2 Samuel 23)

2 Samuel 23 – Pour Boys watch the quicktime video listen to the audio read the transcript