Prophecy Update #621 – The Tais Have It

Prophecy Update #621 – The Tais Have It TOPIC It’s not being a conspiracy theorist to see one scenario that calls for everyone in the world to be vaccinated, and to be able to prove their COVID-19 status digitally. Without proof of the vaccination, you could be barred from entering stores and other buildings. That […]

Prophecy Update #620 – V For Vaccine

Prophecy Update #620 – V For Vaccine TOPIC Until recently, it was hard to believe that the global population would willingly give up their privacy in favor of an identification system like the one predicted in the Revelation. COVID-19 could be accelerating global acceptance of some sort of contactless digital ID. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO […]

Prophecy Update #619 – ID 2020

Prophecy Update #619 – ID 2020 TOPIC Bible futurists have long understood that, in the Last Days and going into the Great Tribulation, there would be a global system, or systems, of personal identification by which everyone will conduct all their business. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO READ THE TRANSCRIPT