Psalm Sundays – Happily Ever After (Psalm 1)

Psalm 1 – Happily Ever After TOPIC What does the Bible say about people pursuing happiness with their lives? Is there a Godly way? SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 1:1-6     Psalm 119:35, 47, 92 FROM THE MESSAGE “You’ve probably heard the phrase “God doesn’t want you to be happy, He wants you to be holy” before. […]

Psalm 128 – Bless Our Happy Home

Psalm 128 – Bless Our Happy Home The Psalmist shows how great meaning and satisfaction can be found waiting for us right at home. listen to the audio read the transcript   “God wants to be involved in our work so that He can bring abundant satisfaction to all points of our lives.”  

The Last Night – Triple H

John 13:1-17 – Triple H Jesus teaches His disciples intimate truths from the upper room discourse. listen to the audio “Jesus’ love doesn’t stop, you and I are His disciples now and He continues to love us to the end.”