Psalm Sundays – Round, Round, God Surrounds, He Gets Around (Psalm 125)

Psalm 125 – Round, Round, God Surrounds, He Gets Around TOPIC The psalmist describes God supernaturally surrounding His people the way the mountains are naturally around Jerusalem. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 125:1-5     Psalm 5:12     Psalm 32:7     John 10:28-29     Romans 8:39     Romans 11:26     2 Peter 3:10-11 FROM THE MESSAGE “Let’s ask two preliminary questions: Is […]

Psalm Sundays – Pray For Keeps (Psalm 121)

Psalm 121 – Pray For Keeps TOPIC A Song of Ascents, sung by pilgrims on their way to the Temple in Jerusalem, remind us of God’s tender care for us and how He keeps us in every circumstance. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 121:1-8     Psalm 120     Psalm 127:2     Romans 8:35-39     1 Corinthians 1:8     Galatians 5:10     2 Thessalonians […]