Those Were The Days – Justice Is Deferred

Acts 21:31-40 – Justice Is Deferred TOPIC Paul endures injustice but shows composure, respect and compassion for his enemies. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 21:31-40     2 Kings 7 FROM THE MESSAGE “We often do think of ourselves as part of a revolution. But, unlike this other terrorist, our revolution is not based on division, brutality, or force. […]

Those Were The Days – Injustice, Gods Among Us?

Acts 14:1-20 – Injustice, Gods Among Us? TOPIC Paul and Barnabas find themselves in the midst of crowds, mobs, turmoil and sometimes violent unrest, but maintain their grace and preaching of the Gospel. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 14:1-20     Matthew 13     Luke 19 FROM THE MESSAGE “The source of all the problems of the world today is […]