Those Were The Days – Justice Is Deferred

Acts 21:31-40 – Justice Is Deferred TOPIC Paul endures injustice but shows composure, respect and compassion for his enemies. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 21:31-40     2 Kings 7 FROM THE MESSAGE “We often do think of ourselves as part of a revolution. But, unlike this other terrorist, our revolution is not based on division, brutality, or force. […]

Those Were The Days – Injustice, Gods Among Us?

Acts 14:1-20 – Injustice, Gods Among Us? TOPIC Paul and Barnabas find themselves in the midst of crowds, mobs, turmoil and sometimes violent unrest, but maintain their grace and preaching of the Gospel. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 14:1-20     Matthew 13     Luke 19 FROM THE MESSAGE “The source of all the problems of the world today is […]

A Star Is Formed – The Clockwatcher God

Psalm 37:10-20 – The Clockwatcher God David contrasts the coming future for the Godly and the wicked and depicts God as watching the clock count down. listen to the audio read the transcript “We have quite a future to look forward to. But we don’t have to wait to start enjoying the peace of God.”

Lions And Fires And Prayers – The Goner Party

Lions And Fires And Prayers (Daniel)

Daniel 5:1-12 – The Goner Party Belshazzar throws a party but gets much more than he bargained for when God announces the judgment of Babylon. listen to the audio read the transcript ” If our lives were a cup, which god are we toasting? What is filling us up? Whose table are we serving?”

Straight Outta Egypt – Law-Law Land

Exodus 22:16-23:9 – Law-Law Land God continues to give Israel law after law to encourage their peaceful living together listen to the audio read the transcript “As Christians, we should promote and obey the rule of law; but we must do so, always, with the compassionate “heart of a stranger.””