A True Beginning – It Was The Worst Of Vines (Genesis 9:18-29)

Genesis 9:18-29 – It Was The Worst Of Vines TOPIC Noah plants a vineyard and becomes drunk, being seen by his son, Ham and leading to a great rift in their family and a long lasting prophecy. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 9:18-29     Ezekiel 16:8     Galatians 6:1-2     Ephesians 5:8     1 Peter 4:8 FROM THE MESSAGE “John Gill […]

A True Beginning – Working For The Week’s End (Genesis 7:1-24)

Genesis 7:1-24 – Working For The Week’s End TOPIC The flood finally comes after one last week of warning. Along the way, Noah works urgently and continually to obey the Lord and save lives. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 7:1-24     John 14:15     Hebrews 5:9     James 1:5 FROM THE MESSAGE “This restriction reminds us that God is able […]

A True Beginning – Very Important Persons (Genesis 6:13-22)

Genesis 6:13-22 – Very Important Persons TOPIC God gives Noah a very important job – making an ark that will keep him and his family safe, along with all kinds of animals during the flood. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 6:13-22     2 Peter 3:3-7     1 John 2:2 FROM THE MESSAGE “What are the terms set by […]

A True Beginning – Take A Walk (Genesis 5:1-32)

Genesis 5:1-32 – Take A Walk TOPIC Enoch and Noah stand out in the Godly line of Seth as men who faithfully walked with God. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 5:1-32      Psalm 73:24     Psalm 103:14     Ecclesiastes 11:9     Hebrews 4:15     Jude 14-15     FROM THE MESSAGE “Enoch is part of a type. Judgment was coming. Enoch […]

A True Beginning (Genesis)

Genesis 1:1-2 – This Would Be The Start Of Something Big God begins His special revelation by showing us where everything in our universe came from and how He feels about it. watch the video listen to the audio read the pdf transcript Genesis 1:3-25 – The Home Office In the first 6 days of […]

Prophecy Update #437 – Ark My Words

Prophecy Update #437 – Ark My Words In the Bible, the end times are compared to the days of Noah. So where do we find Noah and his ark in the culture around us? listen to the audio read the pdf transcript

1 Peter

1 Peter 1:1-12 – Living Loving Lord Peter says that you do know what your future holds and that Jesus not only holds the future, but He holds you until you get there. listen to the audio read the transcript 1 Peter 1:13-25 – Hope and Holiness The truth is that those who do the […]