Psalm Sundays – Quoth The Righteous “Forevermore” (Psalm 121)

Psalm 121 – Quoth The Righteous, “Forevermore” TOPIC The writer of Psalm 121 is promised God’s protection now and forevermore. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 121:1-8     Daniel 3:17-18     John 17:12-22     Hebrews 11:33-38 FROM THE MESSAGE “I think of Jesus’ words to Paul as something unique, because he would have such a profound ministry. But, really, Jesus spoke […]

Psalm Sundays – (Hat)Red Alert! Raise Shields! (Psalm 35)

Psalm 35 – (Hat)Red Alert! Raise Shields! TOPIC David believes that the Lord will be a shield and buckler against those who hate him. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 35:1-28     Daniel 3:17-18     Matthew 10:28     Mark 15:29 FROM THE MESSAGE “David was blameless. Not sinless; blameless. In this case he had done nothing to deserve the treatment he […]

Soldier Up – Satan The Hedge Hog

Solider Up! – Satan The Hedge Hog – Job 1-2 Why does God allow Satan to breach His hedge of protection? listen to the audio read the transcript