A True Beginning – Kill Your Darling (Genesis 22:1-19)

Genesis 22:1-19 – Kill Your Darling TOPIC God asks Abraham to offer Isaac on Mount Moriah, a dress rehearsal for how Jesus would be offered in the same place to save us all. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 22:1-19     Isaiah 52:6     Matthew 19:17     John 14:23, 18:15     James 1:13 FROM THE MESSAGE “Sometimes obedience means not doing something. […]

Straight Outta Egypt – Night Of The Lambless Dead

Exodus 12:1-28 – Night Of The Lambless Dead Moses explains that any household that does not sacrifice a lamb will suffer the death of their firstborn listen to the audio read the transcript “We say that “anything can be an idol,” then point to material things or hobbies that dominate our lives. Don’t overlook that […]

What Child Is This? (Revelation 12)

Revelation 12 – What Child Is This? Does Revelation 12 contain a type and teaching of the rapture of the Church? listen to the audio read the notes “Let’s say Revelation 12 is describing the rapture of the church. How does that affect the timing of the rapture?”

One Way – Tour De Tabernacle

Hebrews 9:1-10 – Tour De Tabernacle In this passage, we get a tour of the ancient Tabernacle and learn how it spoke of Christ. listen to the audio “We can be encouraged regardless of where we are in our walk or in human history.”