The Grace Of Wrath – Singin’ In His Reign (Revelation 15:1-8)

Revelation 15:1-8 – Singin’ Of Your Reign, What A Glorious Savior, You’re Coming Again TOPIC The Tribulation martyrs sing the Song of the Lamb in anticipation of the Lord coming to reign over all the nations. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Revelation 15:1-8     John 3:18, 36     Romans 1:18     Hebrews 12:3-4     Revelation 3:10 FROM THE MESSAGE “The veil that […]

Psalm Sundays – Rebel Yell (Psalm 2)

Psalm 2 – Rebel Yell TOPIC David gives a song for rebels, revealing the treason of their hearts and societies, but then proclaiming that the One true King is coming and they still have a chance to be saved from His wrath. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 2:1-12     Psalm 33:12     Psalm 144:15     Isaiah 18:4     Isaiah 57:20 FROM […]

Straight Outta Egypt – Hello Darkness, My Next Plague

Exodus 9:13:10-29 – Hello Darkness, My Next Plague, I’ll Never Talk With Pharaoh Again As darkness plagues all of Egypt, Pharaoh dismisses Moses, who tells the monarch that he will never talk with him again listen to the audio read the transcript “God was speaking to Egypt in a language they would understand: Power over […]