A True Beginning – Lunch Meet (Genesis 43:1-34)

Genesis 43:1-34 - Lunch Meet


Joseph and his brothers have a power lunch as God continues to draw the family of faith into reconciliation by His mercy and generosity.


Genesis 43:1-34     Genesis 46:22     Proverbs 23:1-2


There’s a whole devotional here about this other guy – the steward over Joseph’s house. If Joseph can represent Jesus, the Back-From-The-Dead-Redeemer, then this guy can represent us. There he is, serving in Joseph’s house. Bringing others in to feast there. Speaking to strangers with kindness and grace. Representing his master and doing whatever he’s told. Of course, Joseph was the greatest steward of all time. Imagine being hired to be the steward of that guy’s house. How could you ever live up to the job? You can’t, but you get the job anyway.”

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