He Loved Me, He Loves Me Lots – Returned To Sender, Address Unknown (John 7:25-36)

John 7:25-36 – Returned To Sender, Address Unknown TOPIC Jesus announces He will return to the One who sent Him but the Jews won’t know where He is going. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES John 7:25-36     Isaiah 2:4, 11:6, 8     Matthew 4:17     Luke 2:29-32     1 Peter 5:3     Revelation 22:12 FROM THE MESSAGE “No one asked for God […]

He Loved Me, He Loves Me Lots – He Ain’t Heavenly, He’s Our Brother (John 7:1-24)

John 7:1-24 – He Ain’t Heavenly, He’s Our Brother TOPIC Jesus’ brothers do not believe He is God in human flesh dwelling among them. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES John 7:1-24, 1:14     Mark 6:3     Colossians 2:8, 16-18     Hebrews 10:7 FROM THE MESSAGE “Shadows are a danger to us all. The apostle Paul describes the tendency among believers, all […]

Slave To Saint (Romans 6:1-23)

Romans 6:1-23 – Slave To Saint TOPIC Paul delivers a death notification to us, but one that should make us exceedingly glad. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Romans 6:1-23 FROM THE MESSAGE “Since you are a Christian, now you can say no the impulses of the flesh, because you have a new nature within you.” LISTEN TO THE […]

He Loved Me, He Loves Me Lots – Sign-tology (John 4:43-54)

John 4:43-54 – Sign-tology TOPIC Jesus has strong words for people who seek after signs, wonders, and miracles. Should we stop praying for miracles? SCRIPTURE REFERENCES John 4:43-54     Job 42:5     Matthew 13:54-57, 16:4     2 Corinthians 12:9-10     Philippians 2:27     2 Timothy 4:20 FROM THE MESSAGE “We are characters in Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, […]

A True Beginning – Mealing And Dealing (Genesis 18:1-33)

Genesis 18:1-33 – Mealing And Dealing TOPIC Abraham serves the Angel of the Lord a meal and then talks with him about sparing Sodom and Gomorrah. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 18:1-33     Psalm 37:24    Isaiah 3:9     Ezekiel 16:49-50     John 3:36    1 Corinthians 7:35 FROM THE MESSAGE “From one vantage point we’re seeing people eavesdropping on the […]

Grace For The Cure (Leviticus 1:1-9)

Leviticus 1:1-9 – Grace For The Cure TOPIC In ancient Israel, the Burnt Offering provided a way for sin to be atoned for temporarily, foreshadowing the once-for-all work of the Messiah. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Leviticus 1:1-9     John 7:37     Romans 10:9-10 FROM THE MESSAGE “Once the Levitical system was established this fire on the altar was never […]

A True Beginning – Father Abraham Hadn’t Any Sons (Genesis 11:27-12:9)

Genesis 11:27-12:9 – Father Abraham Hadn’t Any Sons TOPIC We begin the story of Abraham, the friend of God, the father of the faith, who had a bit of a rough start in his walk with the Lord. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 11:27-12:9     Joshua 24:2     John 14:22     Hebrews 13:15 FROM THE MESSAGE “Abram did not receive […]

A True Beginning – The Awful Tower (Genesis 11:1-26)

Genesis 11:1-26 – The Awful Tower TOPIC The people of Babylon join in unified rebellion against God to build a city in an effort to make an immortal name for themselves. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 11:1-26     Acts 17:26-27     Philippians 2:2-5 FROM THE MESSAGE “What do we see in this text? We see, clearly, that God responds […]

He Loved Me, He Loves Me Lots – Born To Loose (John 1:19-28)

John 1:19-28 – Born To Loose TOPIC John the Baptist tells a delegation from Jerusalem he is not worthy to loose Jesus’ sandal strap. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES John 1:19-28     Deuteronomy 18:15     Malachi 4:5     Matthew 11:10, 14     John 13:14-15, 17:11-13 FROM THE MESSAGE “John’s Elijah-like ministry was unique. We’re not expected to wear camel hair or eat […]

He Loved Me, He Loves Me Lots – The First Time Ever We Saw Your Face (John 1:14-18)

John 1:14-18 – The First Time Ever We Saw Your Face TOPIC No one had ever seen God until Jesus came as God in human flesh. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES John 1:14-18     Exodus 33:19-23     Matthew 17:1-2     John 13:31, 20:31     2 Corinthians 3:18, 12:7-10 FROM THE MESSAGE “Most likely your house is equipped with the kind of […]

New Birth Story (2 Kings 5:1-19)

2 Kings 5:1-19 – New Birth Story TOPIC Naaman the leper finds healing and salvation after visiting Elisha, the prophet of God. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES 2 Kings 5:1-19     1 Kings 8:38     Psalm 38:3     Isaiah 1:5-6     Lamentations 3:22     Titus 3:5     James 5:6 FROM THE MESSAGE “Is Elisha just turning the screws on one of Israel’s enemies? No. […]

A True Hope (Jeremiah 52:31-34)

Jeremiah 52:31-34 – A True Hope TOPIC Jehoiachin receives astonishing mercy and not only freed from prison, but given a throne and a place at the king’s table. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Jeremiah 52:31-34     Psalm 139:17-18     Romans 8:18 FROM THE MESSAGE “Presidential pardons are always interesting news. It’s a rare gift to have the highest office in […]

Those Were The Days – A Life In Our Days

Acts 28:11-16 – A Life In Our Days TOPIC Luke ends the incredible saga of Acts with some very routine, regular accounts of Paul’s time in Rome. How does that encourage those of us who are continuing the story of God’s work through His church? SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 28:11-16     Romans 1:10     Romans 15:22      Romans 16:3,5 […]

Those Were The Days – That’s Crazy Talk!

Acts 26:1-32 – That’s Crazy Talk TOPIC Paul shares his testimony, the Gospel of grace and the resurrection, prompting Festus to accuse him of being crazy. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 26:1-32     John 6:47     Galatians 2:16 FROM THE MESSAGE “Thus far, scientists have discovered 118 elements. These elements work together round the clock in a meticulously fine-tuned […]

Those Were The Days – Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Acts 25:13-27 – Inquiring Minds Want To Know TOPIC We get an insider look into the talk and mindset of Festus and Herod Agrippa, two lost sinners who God was going to send Paul to evangelize. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 25:13-27     Acts 18:14-17     1 Corinthians 15:6 FROM THE MESSAGE “Was Paul’s 2 year imprisonment worth it? […]

Those Were The Days – Welcome To Favor Country

Acts 25:1-12 – Welcome To Favor Country TOPIC The chief priests want a favor, Festus wants to give it. Meanwhile, Paul gets to enjoy the much better favor of God. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 25:1-12     Isaiah 54:17     Acts 28:19 FROM THE MESSAGE “Some criticize Paul for appealing to Caesar. They say it was a guaranteed death […]

Know Grow (Ephesians 1:15-19)

Ephesians 1:15-19 – Know Grow TOPIC Paul shares a prayer for the Ephesians Christians, that they would know more of Jesus Christ and what that means for their lives as His people. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Ephesians 1:15-19     2 Kings 20:5     Proverbs 8:11     Romans 5:5     Hebrews 10:7 FROM THE MESSAGE “Christ paid the highest price that could […]

Those Were The Days – Ways To Go

Acts 22:1-22 – Ways To Go TOPIC Paul shares his origin story of how he started going God’s way rather than his own. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 22:1-22     Psalm 32:8    Psalm 73:24     Proverbs 14:12     1 Corinthians 11:1     Ephesians 2:10 FROM THE MESSAGE “God has overcome the world, but His victory is more than just putting down […]

Those Were The Days – Justice Is Deferred

Acts 21:31-40 – Justice Is Deferred TOPIC Paul endures injustice but shows composure, respect and compassion for his enemies. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 21:31-40     2 Kings 7 FROM THE MESSAGE “We often do think of ourselves as part of a revolution. But, unlike this other terrorist, our revolution is not based on division, brutality, or force. […]

Those Were The Days – With Friends Like These…

Acts 21:17-30 – With Friends Like These… TOPIC Paul arrives in Jerusalem and is subjected to a legalistic plan to win the approval of Law-loving believers. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 21:17-30     John 15:3     John 17:16     Acts 14:22 FROM THE MESSAGE “Do you still have a heritage once you become a Christian? Of course. […]

Psalm Sundays – You Take My Depth Away (Psalm 130)

Psalm 130 – You Take My Depth Away TOPIC From what he calls the depths, the psalmist cries out to the LORD trusting in His forgiveness. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 130:1-8     Jonah 2:2-7     FROM THE MESSAGE “It almost sounds as if we are soft on sin. No; we’re generous in grace. We’re ecstatic that God does […]

Amazing Grace (Romans 5:1-11)

Romans 5:1-11 – Amazing Grace TOPIC In this study, we learn about God’s amazing grace which solves the problem of sin and gives a universal opportunity for people everywhere to be saved. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Romans 5:1-11     Romans 3:10     Romans 3:21-23 FROM THE MESSAGE “If you are a believer God is not mad at you, He […]

Psalm Sundays – Round, Round, God Surrounds, He Gets Around (Psalm 125)

Psalm 125 – Round, Round, God Surrounds, He Gets Around TOPIC The psalmist describes God supernaturally surrounding His people the way the mountains are naturally around Jerusalem. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 125:1-5     Psalm 5:12     Psalm 32:7     John 10:28-29     Romans 8:39     Romans 11:26     2 Peter 3:10-11 FROM THE MESSAGE “Let’s ask two preliminary questions: Is […]

Psalm Sundays – I AM…Is On My Side…Yes He Is! (Psalm 124)

Psalm 124 – I AM…Is On My Side…Yes He Is! TOPIC The psalmist invites us to remember that the LORD is on our side. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 124:1-8     Joshua 5:13-14     Matthew 28:20     Romans 8:31     Galatians 4:4-6 FROM THE MESSAGE “Listening to the stories being told, someone -perhaps a child – might wonder about times in […]

Psalm Sundays – I Wanna Behold Your Hand (Psalm 123)

Psalm 123 – I Wanna Behold Your Hand TOPIC The psalmist compares believers to a servant carefully beholding his or her master’s hand for subtle signals. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 123:1-4     Psalm 32:8-9     Isaiah 6:1-3     John 20:27 FROM THE MESSAGE “Nonbelievers hold you in contempt; or they should. They think you are weak and foolish for […]

Those Were The Days – Opportunity Comes Flogging

Acts 16:16-24 – Opportunity Comes Flogging TOPIC Paul and company encounter a demon possessed girl and continue their gracious, Christ-centered ministry in Philippi. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 16:16-24     Ephesians 4:26     FROM THE MESSAGE “Or some might think, “Oh, ok. You’ve been talking to us about the filling of the Holy Spirit. Is that the same as […]

Those Were The Days – Rookie Of The Year

Acts 16:1-5 – Rookie Of The Year TOPIC Paul brings Timothy onto his team but first this remarkable young man is told he must be circumcised. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 16:1-5          1 Corinthians 9:20     Philippians 2:20     1 Timothy 1:9, 18     2 Timothy 1:2, 6  3:15 FROM THE MESSAGE “When you’re driving in […]

Psalm Sundays – Rebel Yell (Psalm 2)

Psalm 2 – Rebel Yell TOPIC David gives a song for rebels, revealing the treason of their hearts and societies, but then proclaiming that the One true King is coming and they still have a chance to be saved from His wrath. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 2:1-12     Psalm 33:12     Psalm 144:15     Isaiah 18:4     Isaiah 57:20 FROM […]

Those Were The Days – It’s Between The Brothers

Acts 15:22-35 – It’s Between The Brothers TOPIC The Jerusalem church sends a posse to help the hurting family of Christians in Gentile Syria, resolving once and for all that salvation is by grace, through faith. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 15:22-35     Psalm 68:11     1 Corinthians 2:1-4     2 Timothy 3:16-17     Hebrews 3:7-8 FROM THE […]

Those Were The Days – Law Don’t Go ‘Round Here

Acts 15:1-21 – Law Don’t Go ‘Round Here TOPIC The church has its first council in Jerusalem to decide the issue over whether Gentiles must obey the Mosaic law in order to truly be Christians or even be saved. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 15:1-21     Galatians 2     2 Timothy 3:5 FROM THE MESSAGE “Take note: These were […]

Those Were The Days – Returning To The Scene

Acts 14:21-28 – Returning To The Scene TOPIC Instead of taking the short trip home, Paul turns around and goes back to revisit the places where he had been attacked and persecuted, but where young churches needed strengthening. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 14:21-28     Romans 16:23     Colossians 1:23 FROM THE MESSAGE “Sometimes particular ministries come to an […]

Psalm Sundays – I’m Pitted By Fools (Psalm 69)

Psalm 69 – I’m Pitted By Fools TOPIC The psalmist describes being thrown into a pit by fools who refuse to receive the Word of God. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 69:1-36     Nehemiah 9:19     Psalm 25:6     Isaiah 54:7     Isaiah 55:3     Jeremiah 3:22-23     Matthew 27:34     John 2:17     John 19:28-29     Revelation 20 FROM THE MESSAGE “Have you discovered […]

Those Were The Days – Injustice, Gods Among Us?

Acts 14:1-20 – Injustice, Gods Among Us? TOPIC Paul and Barnabas find themselves in the midst of crowds, mobs, turmoil and sometimes violent unrest, but maintain their grace and preaching of the Gospel. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 14:1-20     Matthew 13     Luke 19 FROM THE MESSAGE “The source of all the problems of the world today is […]

Psalm Sundays – Pray For Keeps (Psalm 121)

Psalm 121 – Pray For Keeps TOPIC A Song of Ascents, sung by pilgrims on their way to the Temple in Jerusalem, remind us of God’s tender care for us and how He keeps us in every circumstance. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 121:1-8     Psalm 120     Psalm 127:2     Romans 8:35-39     1 Corinthians 1:8     Galatians 5:10     2 Thessalonians […]

Those Were The Days – Grace To Grace

Acts 13:13-43 – Grace To Grace TOPIC Paul shares a sermon in Pisidian Antioch about the unending grace of God, even when met with human resistance and rebellion. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 13:13-43     Exodus 12:38     Deuteronomy 29:5     Joshua 24:14     Ezekiel 20     Galatians 3:29 FROM THE MESSAGE “If you want to talk about the immeasurably good grace […]

Those Were The Days – The King’s Speech

Acts 12:20-25 – The King’s Speech TOPIC Herod Agrippa gives a speech and the people praise him as a god, causing an angel to strike down the impostor king, who serves as a type of Antichrist. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 12:20-25     Deuteronomy 10:17     Psalm 36:9     Psalm 104:2     Mark 9:44, 46, 48 FROM THE MESSAGE “Agrippa went […]

Those Were The Days – All Roads Lead To Antioch

Acts 11:19-30 – All Roads Lead To Antioch TOPIC The Gospel spreads to the city of Antioch and a new church is planted, as many people stream from all over the empire to become a part of this new work of God. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 11:19-30     Job 34:12 FROM THE MESSAGE “When people look […]

Those Were The Days – Across The Great Divide

Acts 11:1-18 – Across The Great Divide TOPIC Peter returns to Jerusalem to face an impromptu court martial for crossing the great divide between Jews and Gentiles, giving us a lesson on handling division in the church. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 11:1-18     Mark 13:1-11     1 Corinthians 11:19.    Ephesians 2:11-3:3 FROM THE MESSAGE “God’s plan to put […]

Those Were The Days – God’s Mission, Should You Choose To Accpet It

Acts 10:24-48 – God’s Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It TOPIC God’s mission is to send His people out, filled with the Spirit, bringing the Gospel to others near and far who need to hear about salvation in Jesus Christ. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 10:24-48 FROM THE MESSAGE “God’s plan to put us in right […]

Those Were The Days – The Pigs Are All Right

Acts 10:9-23 – The Pigs Are All Right TOPIC God works in the life of Peter to bring him out of legalism and into a greater experience of grace while also building a bridge to the Gentile world. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 10:9-23 FROM THE MESSAGE “The Bible says you have liberty in Christ and that […]

Those Were The Days – Hit The Ground Running For Your Life

Acts 9:19-31 – Hit The Ground Running For Your Life TOPIC Saul begins his walk with Christ but immediately hits the ground running by serving the Lord and preaching the Gospel. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 9:19-31     Galatians 1 FROM THE MESSAGE “Saul clearly thought that connecting with the local church was an essential part of […]

Those Were The Days – For He’s A Jolly Good Follow

Acts 9:1-19 – For He’s A Jolly Good Follow TOPIC Ananias, an ordinary disciple, shows us how to faithfully follow God and be used to change the world for all eternity. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 9:1-19     Acts 22     Acts 26 FROM THE MESSAGE “Some commentators feel Ananias was being reluctant to obey. I don’t think […]

Iglesia De Carne – You Give Love A Bad Name

1 Corinthians 13:1-13 – Gifts Without Heart And You’re To Blame, You Give Love A Bad Name Paul tells the believers in Corinth that they “have not love” in their exercise of the Holy Spirit’s gifts. listen to the audio read the transcript “Looking at Ephesus and Corinth, we must conclude that any church can […]

Those Were The Days – Name Droppers

Acts 5:21-42 – Name Droppers The Sanhedrin demands that the apostles stop teaching in the name of Jesus, but they respond with supernatural boldness and meekness. listen to the audio read the transcript   “In that moment the apostles were maybe never so powerful, able to control the crowds of Jerusalem had they wanted to. […]

Iglesia De Carne – One Day They’ll Look To See We’re Gone

1 Corinthians 10:1-11:1 – One Day They’ll Look To See We’re Gone, For Tomorrow He’ll Reign And So I’ll Follow God’s Son Paul tells the believers in Corinth that the ends of the ages has come and he urges them to follow him as he follows Jesus. listen to the audio read the transcript “Paul’s […]

Those Were The Days – Can I Get A Witness?

Acts 2:25-39 – Can I Get A Witness? Peter gives testimony as an eyewitness to Christ’s resurrection and an expert witness concerning Old Testament prophecy. listen to the audio read the transcript “Peter was an powerful witness that morning. He did not hold back his testimony. He spoke personally and pointedly. He served as an […]

Iglesia De Carne – Come Together, Right Now, Pleaded Me

1 Corinthians 1:10-17 – Come Together, Right Now – Pleaded Me The apostle Paul pleads with the believers in Corinth to maintain unity and to quit dividing into factions over himself, Apollos, Peter, and Jesus. listen to the audio read the transcript “The ‘I am of Christ’ folks? They’re not unlike believers today who refuse […]

Iglesia De Carne – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Grace

1 Corinthians 1:1-9 – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Grace Paul begins his letter to the Corinthians by taking them back to their experience of the grace of God. listen to the audio read the transcript “We will be on display then… We are on display now. Our display isn’t so much a […]

Iglesia De Carne – Christian Con Carne

1 Corinthians 2:14-3:4 – Christian Con Carne The apostle Paul introduces to us the carnal Christian who he describes as a believer still yielding to his or her flesh. listen to the audio read the transcript “You don’t become “spiritual” by spending lots of time fasting and praying. You don’t become spiritual by giving of […]

Get Back To Where You Once Belonged – Doin’ That Sing You Do

Nehemiah 6:15-7:73 – Doin’ That Sing You Do Nehemiah facilitates worship in the Temple by appointing gatekeepers, Levites, and singers. listen to the audio read the transcript “There needs to be in our lives the testimony that some things only God can do in us and through us. If I have no more victory in […]

Straight Outta Egypt – The Shining

Exodus 34:1-35 – The Shining When Moses speaks with God, his face shines from having been in His presence listen to the audio read the transcript “I submit that the entire history of the Jewish people is an on-going marvel of history that nothing but the miraculous intervention of God can account for.”

Straight Outta Egypt – I’ll See Back

Exodus 33:1-23 – I’ll See Back God tells Moses no man can see His full glory and live, but He says He can pass by Moses and show him His back listen to the audio read the transcript “We need to put on our romance-glasses to see what is going on in Exodus thirty-two. If […]

Straight Outta Egypt – Hey, You Get Out Of My Cloud

Exodus 24:1-18 – Hey, You Get Out Of My Cloud 70 of the Elders of Israel are invited to ascend Mount Sinai, but only Moses is brought into the cloud of God’s listen to the audio read the transcript “God wasn’t trying to keep Himself hidden. He wanted to reveal Himself to Israel, and through […]

Straight Outta Egypt – Manna Mia!

Exodus 16:1-36 – Manna Mia! The Israelites are astonished by the appearance of manna to feed them watch the video listen to the audio read the transcript “Contrary to our way of thinking, God can bless when you are disobedient, and He can withhold when you are obedient. Grace is funny that way as God […]

A Hero Will Rise – You May Now Catch The Bride

Judges 21:1-25 – You May Now Catch The Bride After their civil war, the Israelites devise plans for kidnapping brides for the 600 men of the tribe of Benjamin. listen to the audio read the transcript “As believers who are saved by grace through faith, and who continue to walk with Jesus by faith in […]

Psalm 126 – Fully Restored

Psalm 126 – Fully Restored God’s work in you is like an incredible restoration project. listen to the audio read the transcript “God never plans to go unnoticed. His desire is to reveal Himself to us and through us. He wants to build testimonies in our lives of who He is and what He has […]

One Way – Jesus Is Greater Than Moses

Hebrews 3:1-6 – Jesus Is Greater Than Moses The writer of Hebrews contrasts Jesus with Moses to show that Jesus is superior. listen to the audio “This passage encourages us to not look back to our old life, but to look forward to the Lord.”

One Way – Straight To The Point

Hebrews 1:1-3 – Straight To The Point The writer to Hebrews gets it straight to the point of his message. listen to the audio “His point is to contrast the old things of Judaism with the new things of Christianity.”

Queen For A Day – The Advance Of A Lifetime

Esther 10:1-3 – The Advance Of A Lifetime God’s providence advances His people into His purposes. listen to the audio read the transcript “If Mordecai seems second string to us, he still was used mightily by God. We can be, too.”

First Serve – Seventh Day Adventurers

Mark 2:23-3:6 – Seventh Day Adventurers The Pharisees are furious that Jesus and His disciples push beyond the traditional boundaries of the Sabbath day observance. listen to the audio read the transcript audio en español notas en español

Queen For A Day – Signeted, Sealed, Delivered

Esther 8:1-17 – Signeted, Sealed, Delivered Mordecai gets a makeover – complete with accessories. listen to the audio read the transcript “When we implore God with tears, it is to get our hearts right about sharing Jesus Christ with others.”

Abiding In Grace – The Book Of Galatians

Galatians 1:1-5 – Characteristics Of A Messenger Of Grace watch the flash video watch the quicktime video listen to the audio Galatians 1:6-10 – The Message Of Grace watch the flash video watch the quicktime video listen to the audio Galatians 1:11-24 – The Making Of A Messenger Of Grace watch the flash video watch […]

New Every Mourning (A Study Of Lamentations)

Lamentations 1 – Look, It’s Your Destiny watch the video listen to the audio read the transcript Lamentations 2 – All Nations Under God watch the video listen to the audio read the transcript Lamentations 3 – The Mourning After watch the video listen to the audio read the transcript Lamentations 4 – Godisnowhere watch […]