A True Beginning – New Collar Job (Genesis 41:1-45)

Genesis 41:1-45 - New Collar Job


Joseph is set free from prison so he can serve in a new ministry for the next 80 years, saving countless lives.


Genesis 41:1-45     2 Kings 5


God has saved us, set us free, lifted us, so that we might serve Him. Jesus said, ‘I’m going to put a yoke on you, but it’s a glorious, yoke. Take it and put it on and learn from Me and find rest for your soul.’ We are not set free so that we can do whatever we want and live to enrich ourselves while the world burns away. God has set apart our lives so that we can be the witnesses, we can be the helpers, we can give the answers to those who are so desperately in need. It’s a big job, but God will always equip us for it. He equips us with a robe of righteousness and His authority and a yoke.

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