A True Beginning – No One Cared Who I Was ‘Til I Put On The Mask (Genesis 38:1-30)

Genesis 38:1-30 - No One Cared Who I Was 'Til I Put On The Mask


Judah cheats his daughter-in-law, Tamar, driving her to a desperate situation, culminating in a dramatic unmasking.


Genesis 38:1-30     John 1:12     Acts 5     Acts 12     1 Corinthians 11


In addition to that love, Judah’s story shows us how God can redeem and transform really wicked people. Judah was a despicable person in chapters 37 and 38. By chapter 44, he’s a hero. And there’s a lovely moment of restoration in chapter 49. See, by his sin, Judah had lost his staff. In chapter 49, God gives the staff back to Judah and says, ‘It’s never going to depart from you again.’ God’s restoration of our lives is everlasting, and He attends to the smallest details.

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