A True Beginning – Saint Your Wagon (Genesis 45:16-28)

Genesis 45:16-28 - Saint Your Wagon


Joseph and Pharaoh extend an invitation to Joseph’s brothers, giving us a scale model of our walk with God.


Genesis 45:16-28     Ezekiel 18:32     Mark 7:37     Luke 6:38


After more than 20 years, the brothers would finally have to admit what they did to Joseph. And, then they would have to bring Pharaoh’s offer to Jacob. Why would he believe them when they had spent so many years lying? Their stakes of their return make us wonder why Joseph didn’t go with his brothers. When Jacob dies and it’s time to bury him, Joseph goes to Canaan. Not only Joseph, but all the elders of Egypt go! But not here when it was way more important. Why? Well, the focus is on Jacob now. He, too, must make the choice to walk by faith.

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