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A True Beginning – State Of The Famine (Genesis 47:13-27)

Genesis 47:13-27 - State Of The Famine


Joseph saves all of Egypt from the famine while also consolidating power for Pharaoh.


Genesis 47:13-27


“These priests, who Pharaoh insulated from the pain of the famine, should’ve had to answer to the people. Where was Neper, the god of grain? Where was Osiris, the god of agriculture and vegetation? Where was Min or Renenutet or Dedun? All gods of wealth or prosperity or harvest? All were silent because all were nonexistent. The priests were their supposed representatives. But they did nothing to help, nothing to save, in fact they were a liability.
Meanwhile, the God of Abraham made it His business to help and to save and to provide and to reveal and to put His people into position so that pagan unbelievers could hear the truth and be saved.
Oh, what God has done to pour out grace on an unbelieving and undeserving world!

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