A True Beginning – The End Of The Beginning (Genesis 50:1-26)

Genesis 50:1-26 - The End Of The Beginning


The two funerals of Jacob and Joseph remind us of the scourge of sin but the hope of redemption.


Genesis 50:1-26     Psalm 119:132     Isaiah 19:22


Joseph had already forgiven them. He had already done the work to reconcile them. The only thing that was stopping the brothers from receiving grace and mercy and freedom from guilt was their own unbelief. It wasn’t that Joseph was withholding, it was that they didn’t believe he would forgive them. This is exactly the problem today. God does not have to be convinced or cajoled to forgive your sin. He has already paid the debt! The only barrier is your heart. Will you believe God has forgiven you and then embrace Him and trust Him?

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