A True Beginning – The Old Man And The Sheep (Genesis 29:1-13)

Genesis 29:1-13 - The Old Man And The Sheep


Jacob arrives in Haran and meets Rachel, but not before telling some strangers how they should tend their sheep.


Genesis 29:1-13     Genesis 31:14-15


As we watch Jacob we see that he has great strength and vigor, he has boldness and knowhow and determination and decisiveness and endurance and depth of emotion. He had so many wonderful components that could’ve been used for great spiritual benefit. But he wasn’t living for the Lord. He’s still trying to go his own way. And, you know, after 70 years of life, what does he have to show for it? A family he can’t see. An inheritance he can’t enjoy. A promise he’s left behind. A God he’s ignoring. A few rocks in his pillowcase.

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