A True Beginning – The Old Man And The Sheep (Genesis 29:1-13)

Genesis 29:1-13 – The Old Man And The Sheep TOPIC Jacob arrives in Haran and meets Rachel, but not before telling some strangers how they should tend their sheep. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 29:1-13     Genesis 31:14-15 FROM THE MESSAGE “As we watch Jacob we see that he has great strength and vigor, he has boldness and […]

A True Beginning – Are You Gonna Go My Way? (Genesis 27:46-28:22)

Genesis 27:46-28:22 – Are You Gonna Go My Way? TOPIC The family of faith work hard to solve their problems, but all forget to go God’s way. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 27:46-28:22     Genesis 12:8     Genesis 13:3-4     1 Kings 20:23-29     John 1:51     Philippians 2:3 FROM THE MESSAGE “God is not just along for the ride we want […]

A True Beginning – Father Abraham Hadn’t Any Sons (Genesis 11:27-12:9)

Genesis 11:27-12:9 – Father Abraham Hadn’t Any Sons TOPIC We begin the story of Abraham, the friend of God, the father of the faith, who had a bit of a rough start in his walk with the Lord. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 11:27-12:9     Joshua 24:2     John 14:22     Hebrews 13:15 FROM THE MESSAGE “Abram did not receive […]