A True Beginning – This Land Is My Land, That Land Is Your Land (Genesis 31:1-55)

Genesis 31:1-55 - This Land Is My Land, That Land Is Your Land


Jacob can’t get away from Laban before they have a tense showdown, marking out who gets what, dived by a rock monument.


Genesis 31:1-55     Genesis 14:22-23     Ecclesiastes 5:4-5     Ephesians 2:19     1 Peter 3:16


A theme of this passage is that God’s people are distinct from the rest of the world. It begins here: Rachel and Leah say, “We are outsiders” or your version may say “strangers.” They felt it emotionally, but it’s a reminder to us of something that is true, spiritually. If you are born again, you are no longer a citizen of this earth. You are a stranger, an outsider, an alien to the unbelieving world. In 1 Peter and Hebrews we are identified as strangers and sojourners on earth. If that sounds like a lonely life, being a stranger to the world, be encouraged that Christianity does not end in exile.

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