A True Beginning – Baby Blues (Genesis 29:31-30:24)

Genesis 29:31-30:24 – Baby Blues TOPIC Rachel and Leah use Jacob and their sons as pawns in a bitter birthing war. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 29:31-30:24     Psalm 27:10     Proverbs 14:30     Isaiah 65:11 FROM THE MESSAGE “So, it seems Rachel has finally turned to prayer, rather than just jealous complaining. But she still needs a heart correction. […]

A True Beginning – Sister Wives (Genesis 29:14-30)

Genesis 29:14-30 – Sister Wives TOPIC Jacob works seven years for Rachel, but is deceived when Laban gives him Leah instead, showing that you reap what you sow. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 29:14-30     Song Of Solomon 2:7     Galatians 6:7-8 FROM THE MESSAGE “Often we’re convinced that God is going to withhold something from us – that […]