A True Beginning – Who Are You? I Really Want To Know (Genesis 27:1-45)

Genesis 27:1-45 - Who Are You? I Really Want To Know.


Jacob and Rebekah catfish Isaac to steal Esau’s blessing, while Isaac tries to defy the command of God.



Genesis 27:1-45     Genesis 25:28     Isaiah 55:1-5     Isaiah 61:10     1 Corinthians 13:12

The skins of these goats had not been dried or cured. Maybe they hadn’t even been fleshed – time was of the essence. No, I think the skins Jacob put on were still warm and oozing with the gore of slaughter. We’ve seen Bible characters clothed with skins before in this Book. In the Garden, the Lord God tenderly covered the sin of Adam and Eve. Here, the skins become not a covering but a costume. Rather than a propitiation, they are a prop to help Jacob in his theft.

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