A True Beginning – You Take The South Road And I’ll Take The North Road And You’ll Be In Seir-Land Afore Me (Genesis 33:1-20)

Genesis 33:1-20 - You Take The South Road And I'll Take The North Road And You'll Be In Seir-Land Afore Me


In Jacob’s meeting with Esau we have a beautiful picture of God’s gracious, faithful, enduring love for us.


Genesis 33:1-20     2 Chronicles 24     Psalm 110:1     Psalm 136     Psalm 147:11     Jeremiah 31:3     Luke 15:11-24     1 Timothy 1:14     Hebrews 12:16-17


Jacob continues to call himself a servant and Esau his lord, while Esau consistently calls Jacob ‘my brother.’ What an amazing thing God has done, not just sparing our lives, not just giving us entrance into heaven, not just allowing us to become His servants, but doing so much more in His affection toward us. The Lord says, ‘I’m going to make you citizens of My Kingdom. And I’m calling you friends. And I’m giving you the right to become children of God.’

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