Fails Of Our Fathers (Joshua 5:1-9)

Joshua 5:1-9 - Fails Of Our Fathers


The generation of Israelites who enter Canaan must trust God and submit to circumcision before beginning their conquest.


Joshua 5:1-9     Numbers 26:51     Deuteronomy 30:6     Joshua 2:9-11, 6:1     Zephaniah 1:18     Romans 2:5-8, 29, 6:14     1 Corinthians 1:25     Philippians 3:3     James 2:20-26


Any battle strategist would’ve said, “We’ve lost our advantage. It’s going to be much harder now to win a victory because we spent all this time doing something that seems so unimportant.” But, in reality, this was the most important thing they could’ve done. One of the lessons the book of Joshua teaches us is that the only thing that could defeat Israel was Israel.

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