Fails Of Our Fathers (Joshua 5:1-9)

Joshua 5:1-9 – Fails Of Our Fathers TOPIC The generation of Israelites who enter Canaan must trust God and submit to circumcision before beginning their conquest. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Joshua 5:1-9     Numbers 26:51     Deuteronomy 30:6     Joshua 2:9-11, 6:1     Zephaniah 1:18     Romans 2:5-8, 29, 6:14     1 Corinthians 1:25     Philippians 3:3     James 2:20-26 FROM THE […]

A True Beginning – Promises Made, Pilgrimage Kept (Genesis 22:20-23:20)

Genesis 22:20-23:20 – Promises Made, Pilgrimage Kept TOPIC Sarah dies, but Abraham has nowhere to bury her. How would the father of faith respond in light of the many promises of God? SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 22:20-23:20     Genesis 25:12-16     Leviticus 27:3     1 Corinthians 7:10-11     Philippians 1:21     Hebrews 11:39-40     1 John 2:18-23, 4:1-3 […]

Psalm Sundays – In gods They Trust (Psalm 115)

Psalm 115 – In gods They Trust TOPIC The God of the Bible is compared with the gods of this world, showing that Jehovah is powerful, compassionate and trustworthy. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 115:1-18     1 Kings 3:9-10     Luke 15:7     Romans 1:20     FROM THE MESSAGE “When Charles Blondin invited his manager, Harry Colcord onto his back for […]

Psalm Sundays – Quoth The Righteous “Forevermore” (Psalm 121)

Psalm 121 – Quoth The Righteous, “Forevermore” TOPIC The writer of Psalm 121 is promised God’s protection now and forevermore. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 121:1-8     Daniel 3:17-18     John 17:12-22     Hebrews 11:33-38 FROM THE MESSAGE “I think of Jesus’ words to Paul as something unique, because he would have such a profound ministry. But, really, Jesus spoke […]

Psalm Sundays – Are You Reelin’ In The Fears? (Psalm 23)

Psalm 23 – Are You Reelin’ In The Fears? TOPIC You need not fear even when you find you are in the valley of the shadow of death. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 23:1-6     Deuteronomy 30:11-14     Psalm 31:5     Daniel 3:16-18     Ephesians 1:3     2 Peter 1:3-4 FROM THE MESSAGE “Perhaps no words in human history have brought […]

These Are My Songs – You’ve Got Your Head In The Savior

Psalm 62:1-4 – You’ve Got Your Head In The Savior David writes a song about refuge and security while under incessant attack from his enemies. Is his head in the sand? listen to the audio read the transcript ” David’s experience is one that is available to all of God’s people. He has led us […]

Wiseguy – A Double-Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Embrace

James 1:5-11 – A Double-Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Embrace James calls us double-minded if we ask God for wisdom then doubt that He will give it to us. listen to the audio read the transcript notas en español “Wisdom is something we are to ‘ask’ for. If it’s a gift, I can’t learn […]

Prep School (Psalm 20:1-5)

Psalm 20:1-5 – Prep School How can we prepare for the battles ahead? listen to the audio read the transcript audio en español notas en español “God’s way leads to life. All other ways lead to defeat and death.”