Psalmist-Man: Far From Home (1 Samuel 27:1-28:2)

1 Samuel 27:1-28:2 - Psalmist-Man: Far From Home


David flees to Philistine country, ignoring the many things God has said and done for Him.


1 Samuel 27:1-28:2     1 Samuel 23:15-18     2 Samuel 8:2     Psalm 143:3-5     Acts 2:29-30     1 Corinthians 3:11-15      1 Corinthians 10:12


David gets Ziklag. And I imagine this would’ve made him feel better in his heart, because Ziklag technically belonged to Israel. It was part of the possession God gave back in the time of Joshua, but Israel didn’t take hold of it. The area belongs to the Philistines, but David can say, ‘Well, I am in the boundaries of Judah, so I’m obeying God and obeying my new Philistine master.’ But we know you can’t do both. David has totally compromised. Often when we’re compromising spiritually, we convince ourselves that it really is the right thing to do. But anyone could tell David wasn’t following the Lord, wasn’t trusting the Lord. He was taking orders from God’s enemies.”

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