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The Millennium Forecast – Just When You Thought Israel Was Out, God Pulls Them Back In (Isaiah 44:21-28)

Isaiah 44:21-28 - Just When You Thought Israel Was Out, God Pulls Them Back In


The LORD promises to always reinstate His redeemed servants. Is our emphasizing the grace of God’s faithfulness in our faithlessness too easy?


Isaiah 44:21-28     2 Chronicles 36:21     Romans 5:21     Romans 6:1-2     Romans 8:19-21     Romans 11:29     Galatians 3:3     Colossians 1:16-17     2 Timothy 2:13     2 Peter 2:7-9


“I’ve concluded that if you are not being accused of preaching too much grace then you’re not preaching it enough. I have reduced the entire debate to one person: Lot.
Unless Peter had written what he did you would in no way imagine Lot was saved. He was quarrelsome, selfish, opportunistic, materialistic, and compromising. He got drunk not once but on successive nights and committed incest with his two daughters.
When you believe God you are declared righteous. Not because of anything you have done but on account of everything the LORD has done to redeem you. A commentator from the Reformed camp put it this way: ‘Lot was simultaneously righteous and sinful.'”

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