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How Do You Love Me? Let Me Count The Ways. (Psalm 103)

Psalm 103 - How Do You Love Me? Let Me Count The Ways.


David encourages his soul to bless the Lord by reminding himself of God’s love, character, power, and dealings.


Psalm 103     Psalm 116:12-13     Jeremiah 31:35-37     Micah 4:5     1 Corinthians 6:3


“David shows what it means to fear the Lord – it means to keep His covenant and to observe His precepts. To be in right relationship with this God Who loves so much requires that we understand Him and undertake what He commands. This is why we need to study the Bible. Emotional religiosity isn’t sufficient. It must be informed by the truth.
But we also should take to heart here that we will not be automatically spiritual, even if we study a lot. The Psalm opened with, ‘Don’t forget.’ Here we see ‘those who remember to observe.’ The Christian life is a conscious choice day-by-day, not just in the mind, but with all the soul. In heaven, we’ll be complete. We will have perfect free will. Obeying God will be then like breathing is now.”

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