The Millennium Forecast – If You’re Livin’ In Trouble, You Came To The Right Peace (Isaish 26:1-21)

Isaiah 26:1-21 - If You're Livin' In Trouble, You Came To The Right Peace


Jesus promises Jewish & Gentile believers that in the Tribulation, they can know His perfect peace.


Isaiah 26:1-21     Micah 2:12     Matthew 24:15-21     John 14:27     Acts 16:30-31     Romans 8:28     2 Peter 3:11     Revelation 11:13     Revelation 19:16     Revelation 21:22


“It is easy to forget that the Time of Jacob’s Trouble is the greatest season of evangelism that the world will know. His judgments attempt to clarify that there is none righteous, not one, but that all have sinned. The Gospel is made plain and men have a choice to reject or receive the gift of salvation.”

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