Iglesia De Carne – Come Together, Right Now, Pleaded Me

1 Corinthians 1:10-17 – Come Together, Right Now – Pleaded Me The apostle Paul pleads with the believers in Corinth to maintain unity and to quit dividing into factions over himself, Apollos, Peter, and Jesus. listen to the audio read the transcript “The ‘I am of Christ’ folks? They’re not unlike believers today who refuse […]

A Star Is Formed – The Clockwatcher God

Psalm 37:10-20 – The Clockwatcher God David contrasts the coming future for the Godly and the wicked and depicts God as watching the clock count down. listen to the audio read the transcript “We have quite a future to look forward to. But we don’t have to wait to start enjoying the peace of God.”

A Hero Will Rise – Valor-Dictorian

Judges 11:1-28 – Valor-Dictorian Israel’s next hero, Jephthah, is “a mighty man of valor” who gives a speech about peace before engaging in open conflict. listen to the audio read the transcript “We learned from unlikely Gideon that we are already, right now, God’s mighty men and women of valor. Don’t be crippled by your […]

Life In Christ – Unity In Christ

Philippians 1:27-2:4 – Unity In Christ How do we experience unity? listen to the audio “We’re talking about loving people and being joyful.”