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Take A Chance On Elohim (Jonah 3)

Jonah 3 - Take A Chance On Elohim


Jonah gives the city of Nineveh a last chance, yes-or-no choice to live or die, leading to the greatest revival in history.


Jonah 3     Jeremiah 18:8-10     Jonah 1:17     Luke 11:30


“This wasn’t just a second chance for Nineveh, it was also a second chance for Jonah. Jonah was a believer and a prophet, but, just like us, he had his shortcomings. He did not like Assyrians and he did not like the idea of God helping them. But, even though he had refused to obey God in chapter 1 – preferring to drown in the sea than preach to Ninevites – the Lord was still willing to commune with Jonah and even use him for heavenly purposes.
This was the second time God sent Jonah, but He didn’t say, ‘You know what a bad job you’ve been doing, right?’ Or, ‘You’ve really been a disappointment, so you better make it up to Me.’
God is gracious. Even though Jonah had failed, even though we know he still has some serious heart issues to work out, there’s no condemnation only commission. ‘Get up, go, and preach.'”


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