The Bold And The Dutiful (Numbers 27:1-11, 36:1-12)

Numbers 27:1-11, 36:1-12 - The Bold And The Dutiful


In this fascinating development of case law, we see the daughters of Zelophehad demonstrate incredible boldness and a living faith in God’s promises.


Numbers 27:1-11     Numbers 36:1-12     Deuteronomy 5:28-29     Mark 4:33-34    


We should be impressed and inspired by their boldness. Here’s what we know about the situation: These girls had no parents, they had no brothers, they had no husbands. They were single and on their own. They were of marrying age, so they weren’t very young or very old. But, in their time and culture, they didn’t have a lot of leverage. But they realized that God is generous and He is faithful. And they came to the conclusion that God wanted for the same thing for them that He wanted for others.”

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