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The Escape Of Water (Psalm 114)

Psalm 114 - The Escape Of Water


The waters of the Red Sea and the Jordan river saw something and went running!


Psalm 114:1-8     Exodus 3:7-8     Psalm 119:57     Psalm 139:7     Isaiah 49:11-13     Jeremiah 5:15     Acts 3:20


“That semicolon is full of the faithfulness and compassion and grace of God. A God Who is willing to wait. A God Who is willing to condescend to us. A God Who is willing to hang in there with weak and undeserving human beings because He loves us so much.
There’s a lot of power in the semicolon. The Bible tells us that God was going to come a first time, then He’s going to come again. We’re in the semicolon. He still has all His power and all His loyalty and all His kindness and all His providence. But, rest assured, the sentence will be continued and completed, because it’s already been written. It’s already been published. We’re just in the semicolon.”

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