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The King Who Rains (Psalm 72)

Psalm 72 - The King Who Rains


In this song we see a vision for the ideal kingdom with the ideal king, but discover that no human can live up to it. Instead, we wait for Someone greater than Solomon to arrive and establish His forever Kingdom.


Psalm 72:1-20     2 Chronicles 10:3-4     Micah 4:2     Zechariah 14:17     Matthew 12:42     Revelation 11:15


“It was a long wait with a lot of let downs over the centuries. But then something amazing happened. In Matthew 12 a descendant of David shows up and He says this, ‘Look, something greater than Solomon is here.’ And He told them, ‘The Kingdom is at hand! The Kingdom you’ve been waiting for. That perfect, wondrous, ideal Kingdom from Psalm 72.’
But what was the response? The leaders of Israel rejected the King. The Romans nailed Him to a cross. And so, the ideal Kingdom was put on hold. It’s not an allegorical Kingdom. We don’t build it ourselves. We’re waiting for that moment, announced in Revelation 11, when it happens – when the Kings comes again for the last time and: ‘The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign forever and ever.'”

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