The Millennium Forecast – God Makes You An Offer You CAN Refuse (Isaiah 1:1-31)

Isaiah 1:1-31 - God Makes You An Offer You CAN Refuse


The LORD announces His judgment upon the southern kingdom of Judah while simultaneously making them a gracious offer of forgiveness.


Isaiah 1:1-31     Leviticus 18:22     Jeremiah 18:7-8     Romans 1:28     Hebrews 11:10     Revelation 3:17-18


“The three gods Judah was worship were Baal, Asherah, and Molech. Baal comes to signify material prosperity. Asherah was worshipped with practices of sexual immorality. Molech was the idol upon whom babies were burned. As a nation, between the Prosperity Gospel, the depraved American sexuality all around us, and our reverence for and practice of abortion, we are deep into those gods.

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