Those Were The Days – 71 Angry Men

Acts 23:1-11 - 71 Angry Men


Paul finally stands before the Sanhedrin, but those in attendance have no interest in listening to his message of salvation. Instead, their anger against him and each other boils over.


Acts 23:1-11     Proverbs 3:31     Ecclesiastes 10:20     Luke 12:11-12     Hebrews 4:14     Hebrews 10:21


As Christians, our motivations are to be relational not political. That’s how Simon the zealot can live and work with Matthew the tax collector. As I always try to point out, that doesn’t mean that Christians shouldn’t be involved in the political process or government. But when we see examples of that in the Bible, Daniel, Nehemiah, folks like that, what was their purpose? To influence policy or to manifest their faith? To restructure their government or to glorify God and further His purposes?”

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