He Loved Me, He Loves Me Lots – Here’s Mud In Your Eye (John 9:1-41)

John 9:1-41 – Here’s Mud In Your Eye TOPIC On the Sabbath, Jesus heals a man blind from birth by applying clay mixed with saliva on his eyes. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES John 9:1-41     FROM THE MESSAGE “He was a man born blind. I am the man born to have Parkinson’s disease. Pam was born to have […]

He Loved Me, He Loves Me Lots – Searchin’, Searchin’, We Gotta Keep Jesus Searchin’ (John 5:30-47)

John 5:30-47 – Searchin’ Searchin’, We Gotta Keep Jesus Searchin’ TOPIC The Jewish religious authorities diligently searched the Scriptures but they were not looking for Jesus. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES John 5:30-47     Deuteronomy 18:15     Psalm 40:7     Luke 4:21, 7:22, 24:27     Acts 4:13     Hebrews 1:1-2 FROM THE MESSAGE “The religious authorities most certainly missed the subject of […]

He Loved Me, He Loves Me Lots – The Born Again Ultimatum (John 3:1-15)

John 3:1-15 – The Born Again Ultimatum TOPIC Jesus insists that unless one is born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES John 3:1-15     Numbers 21:6-9     Ezekiel 36:25-27     1 Corinthians 15:50     Philippians 3:4-9 FROM THE MESSAGE “The teacher of Israel should have immediately remembered the Ezekiel passage. Jesus was, in effect, teaching […]

Those Were The Days – 71 Angry Men

Acts 23:1-11 – 71 Angry Men TOPIC Paul finally stands before the Sanhedrin, but those in attendance have no interest in listening to his message of salvation. Instead, their anger against him and each other boils over. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 23:1-11     Proverbs 3:31     Ecclesiastes 10:20     Luke 12:11-12     Hebrews 4:14     Hebrews 10:21 FROM THE MESSAGE “As […]

The King’s Ransom – Judas Priests

Matthew 27.1-10 – Judas Priests The chief priests and elders of Israel refuse to help Judas while themselves betraying Jesus to His death. listen to the audio read the pdf transcript