Those Were The Days – A Life In Our Days

Acts 28:11-16 - A Life In Our Days


Luke ends the incredible saga of Acts with some very routine, regular accounts of Paul’s time in Rome. How does that encourage those of us who are continuing the story of God’s work through His church?


Acts 28:11-16     Romans 1:10     Romans 15:22      Romans 16:3,5


Christians today, in some traditions, put some stock in patron saints. Some branches of the Church suggest you pray to saints, that sort of thing. Even in evangelical protestantism we find God’s people effectively making political figures like patron saints. Sometimes we see people putting the hope and guidance of their lives in the hands of these characters. None of that is necessary or helpful. If you’re a Christian, the Holy Spirit of God lives within you. And day and night, you have Jesus Christ as your Advocate, interceding for you. If you needed a job done at your house, would you ask the high school woodshop student to do it if a professional contractor was willing to do it for free? You don’t need a horoscope or a patron saint.

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