Those Were The Days – Grace To Grace

Acts 13:13-43 - Grace To Grace


Paul shares a sermon in Pisidian Antioch about the unending grace of God, even when met with human resistance and rebellion.


Acts 13:13-43     Exodus 12:38     Deuteronomy 29:5     Joshua 24:14     Ezekiel 20     Galatians 3:29


“If you want to talk about the immeasurably good grace of God, turn to Judges. In those chapters are some of the foulest histories of man’s dealing with one another. And yet, though God was ignored and rejected over and over by tribe after tribe, He kept sending heroes to save His people. Heroes filled with miraculous power to set the Israelites free from their captivity. Judge after judge after judge, bringing God’s grace with them until the time of Samuel, the last judge, when God started to do something new. That new thing was kicked off, not because the people had some great revival, but because they were resisting the Lord once again. “

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