Those Were The Days – I Don’t Go Walkin’ After Midnight

Acts 16:25-40 - I Don't Go Walkin' After Midnight


Paul and Silas stay right where they are, 3 times, in this unusual miraculous jailbreak, leading to significant collateral deliverance.


Acts 16:25-40    


“So, here we see God is already doing a dramatic work in this man’s heart and it is changing his behavior. This same man, a few hours ago, mercilessly refused to clean their open wounds or let their doctor friend tend to them. And now, the Holy Spirit has revealed to him that he should be the one to make that right. We never need to worry about whether God is able to lead people to make changes in their lives. Of course He is. And when we try to force the changes from outside, well, then it is more of a costume than a piece of fruit growing on a branch.”

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