Psalm Sundays – Thank You At Your Service (Psalm 100)

Psalm 100 – Thank You At Your Service TOPIC In Psalm 100 we’re given an invitation and a recipe for how the church can offer a proper, thankful, thanksgiving banquet of praise to God. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 100:1-5     Leviticus 7:11-21     Psalm 56:8     Song of Solomon 1:3     Isaiah 2:2, 40:11, 42:5, 43:1     […]

Psalm Sundays – I Gotta Have More Cymbal (Psalm 150)

Psalm 150 – I Gotta Have More Cymbal TOPIC The instruments build and build and build to a crescendo of loud, clashing cymbals. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 150:1-6     1 Corinthians 3:16     2 Corinthians 6:16 FROM THE MESSAGE “Musical styles… Musical instruments… Song selection. Christians are never going to agree. And it doesn’t seem Christians want to […]

Psalm Sundays – The Psalm That Never Ends (Psalm 136)

Psalm 136 – The Psalm That Never Ends TOPIC From creation to the end of all things we can give thanks to God for His unfailing love. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 136:1-26 FROM THE MESSAGE “Not only is God God, He is also Lord. Meaning He is the Ruler of all things. He is the Master. […]

Those Were The Days – I Don’t Go Walkin’ After Midnight

Acts 16:25-40 – I Don’t Go Walkin’ After Midnight TOPIC Paul and Silas stay right where they are, 3 times, in this unusual miraculous jailbreak, leading to significant collateral deliverance. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 16:25-40     FROM THE MESSAGE “So, here we see God is already doing a dramatic work in this man’s heart and it is […]

Psalm Sundays – Ear Ye! Ear Ye! (Psalm 5)

Psalm 5 – Ear Ye! Ear Ye! TOPIC David asks God to ‘give ear’ to his morning prayer. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Psalm 5:1-12     Zephaniah 3:17     Colossians 3:1-2 FROM THE MESSAGE “The psalms, whether written to be sung or not, are considered poetry. Poetry is not propositional. It is meant to be emotional; it gives […]