Those Were The Days – Returning To The Scene

Acts 14:21-28 - Returning To The Scene


Instead of taking the short trip home, Paul turns around and goes back to revisit the places where he had been attacked and persecuted, but where young churches needed strengthening.


Acts 14:21-28     Romans 16:23     Colossians 1:23


“Sometimes particular ministries come to an end. And that’s ok. It doesn’t mean we have failed or God has failed. Later, Paul will get a sequel to the trip. The Lord will lead him to head back to some of these places. And then, some places Paul really wanted to go to, God would say, “No. You may not.” But the example here, again, shows how much we need to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Not just the leading to start something, but also the leading of when to stop something.”

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