Those Were The Days – Saturday’s Alright For Fighting

Acts 13:44-52 - Saturday's Alright For Fighting


Paul and Barnabas are met with opposition from members of the synagogue in Pisidian Antioch in a passage that teaches us about envy, election and how to fight the good fight for the Gospel.


Acts 13:44-52     Psalm 101:6     Proverbs 14:30     Isaiah 49     Revelation 21:6


“Alexander MacLaren wrote, ‘The din of many a theological battle has raged round these words.’ Those who hold to a Calvinistic interpretation of Scripture say this text proves that 2God does, in fact, choose some for salvation, while choosing others for damnation. We reject the idea that God does not give mankind a genuine free will. So, what do we do with verse 48?”

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