Those Were The Days – Head For The Hill

Acts 17:16-34 – Head For The Hill TOPIC Paul’s discussion on Mars Hill is one of the most memorable, but also one of the more relatable stories in the book of Acts. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 17:16-34     Genesis 11     FROM THE MESSAGE “Paul wasn’t only distressed, he walked onto the field and got […]

Those Were The Days – Saturday’s Alright For Fighting

Acts 13:44-52 – Saturday’s Alright For Fighting TOPIC Paul and Barnabas are met with opposition from members of the synagogue in Pisidian Antioch in a passage that teaches us about envy, election and how to fight the good fight for the Gospel. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 13:44-52     Psalm 101:6     Proverbs 14:30     Isaiah 49     Revelation 21:6 FROM […]

Those Were The Days – Hit The Ground Running For Your Life

Acts 9:19-31 – Hit The Ground Running For Your Life TOPIC Saul begins his walk with Christ but immediately hits the ground running by serving the Lord and preaching the Gospel. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 9:19-31     Galatians 1 FROM THE MESSAGE “Saul clearly thought that connecting with the local church was an essential part of […]

Those Were The Days – Mega Man

Acts 8:5-25 – Mega Man Philip heads into a Samaritan city to preach the Gospel and encounters a man named Simon who wants everyone to know how great he is. listen to the audio read the transcript “The Lord doesn’t swagger and neither did His apostles. Neither did Philip. They didn’t withhold access to truth […]

Those Were The Days – The Original Amateur Hour

Acts 4:13-22 – The Original Amateur Hour The Sanhedrin marvel at Peter and John, who are ‘amateurs’ in their minds, yet preach with power and authority. listen to the audio read the transcript “As Christians, we don’t need to be constantly combative to the world around us. Look at the way Peter and John dealt […]

Those Were The Days – Guilty As Charged

Acts 3:11-26 – Guilty As Charged Peter preaches a sermon in Solomon’s Colonnade declaring that Jesus is the Messiah foretold in the Old Testament. listen to the audio read the transcript “Sometimes Christians become fixated on experiential spirituality. Their spiritual lives become a constant pursuit of manifestations of one kind or another. The Christians in […]

Only Port In The Storm (Acts 27:13-44)

Acts 27:13-44 – Only Port In The Storm Paul’s shipwreck shows us the plight of the sinner and the position of the servant. listen to the audio read the transcript “Paul wasn’t happy to sit back and watch the dying die.”