Those Were The Days – The King’s Speech

Acts 12:20-25 - The King's Speech


Herod Agrippa gives a speech and the people praise him as a god, causing an angel to strike down the impostor king, who serves as a type of Antichrist.


Acts 12:20-25     Deuteronomy 10:17     Psalm 36:9     Psalm 104:2     Mark 9:44, 46, 48


“Agrippa went about in a hostile state of mind. He plotted wars in his heart and how he might harm those who slighted him. Christ Jesus sends His power and His people throughout the world to proclaim the message of peace with Him, despite the fact that our offenses toward God are unspeakably grotesque and treasonous. Human rebellion against the King of heaven and earth deserves total annihilation, and yet, the Lord made a way, with the Father and the Spirit, so that He could take our place and have God’s wrath for our sin poured out on Himself instead of us”

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