Those Were The Days – Whipbacklash

Acts 22:22-30 - Whipbacklash


Commander Lysias decides to have Paul scourged, but his plan backfires, showing us a picture of the Christian’s spiritual reality and the unbeliever’s unsuspected emergency.


Acts 22:23-30     Psalm 20:7     1 Peter 1:3     1 John 3:20     1 John 5:1


Despite everything that happens in this section – the injustice, the corruption and persecution, we never see Paul vent any anger or cynicism or hostility toward anyone. Rage is not a fruit of the Spirit. It’s fashionable these days, it’s the currency that’s used online and in political discourse, but we are not to be a raging people. We’re not to be hostile combatants. As a Christian, you are a medic, not a sniper. You’re a rescue diver, not a door gunner.”

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