He Loved Me, He Loves Me Lots – Father Lucifer Has Many Sons (John 8:28-47)

John 8:28-47 – Father Lucifer Has Many Sons TOPIC Jesus stuns the religious authorities of Israel telling them they are of their father, the devil. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES John 8:28-47     Genesis 15:6     Romans 8:15     Romans 9:4     Galatians 4:5-6     Ephesians 1:5     1 Timothy 4:10 FROM THE MESSAGE “We most definitely bring values, biases, and prejudices as […]

He Loved Me, He Loves Me Lots – He Ain’t Heavenly, He’s Our Brother (John 7:1-24)

John 7:1-24 – He Ain’t Heavenly, He’s Our Brother TOPIC Jesus’ brothers do not believe He is God in human flesh dwelling among them. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES John 7:1-24, 1:14     Mark 6:3     Colossians 2:8, 16-18     Hebrews 10:7 FROM THE MESSAGE “Shadows are a danger to us all. The apostle Paul describes the tendency among believers, all […]

Slave To Saint (Romans 6:1-23)

Romans 6:1-23 – Slave To Saint TOPIC Paul delivers a death notification to us, but one that should make us exceedingly glad. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Romans 6:1-23 FROM THE MESSAGE “Since you are a Christian, now you can say no the impulses of the flesh, because you have a new nature within you.” LISTEN TO THE […]

Those Were The Days – Whipbacklash

Acts 22:22-30 – Whipbacklash TOPIC Commander Lysias decides to have Paul scourged, but his plan backfires, showing us a picture of the Christian’s spiritual reality and the unbeliever’s unsuspected emergency. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 22:23-30     Psalm 20:7     1 Peter 1:3     1 John 3:20     1 John 5:1 FROM THE MESSAGE “Despite everything that happens in this section […]

Prophecy Update #594 – Kiosk Krazy

Prophecy Update #594 – Kiosk Krazy The phrase Smart City is something you’re going to hear more-and-more. Listen for it. Is this the Mark of the Beast? No, the Mark isn’t technology, it is swearing allegiance to him, worshiping him. But reading the Bible as we should, as futurists, these advances and invasions of privacy […]

Prophecy Update #553 – Dissing Dystopia

Prophecy Update #553 – Dissing Dystopia One prominent feature of the Great Tribulation is how the AntiChrist will be able to exercise complete control over his citizens in the ultimate totalitarian state. listen to the audio read the pdf transcript

Straight Outta Egypt – Let Them Go, Let Them Go

Exodus 12:29-42 – Let Them Go, Let Them Go, Can’t Hold Them Back Anymore The deaths of the firstborn of man and beast convince Pharaoh to let God’s people go listen to the audio read the transcript “This is not our home, and we can’t ever get comfy while there is work to be done.”