He Loved Me, He Loves Me Lots – Glad Hair Day (John 11:45-12:11)

John 11:45-12:11 – Glad Hair Day TOPIC Mary anoints Jesus with costly ointment, wiping His feet with her hair. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES John 11:45-12:11     John 20:31     Acts 17:26-27     Romans 1:28     1 Corinthians 5:7     Galatians 4:4-5 FROM THE MESSAGE “Many infirm individuals undoubtedly were hoping to encounter Jesus at the Passover in order to receive a much […]

Walking In Truth (2 John)

2 John – Walking In Truth TOPIC Pastor Jacob Kelso speaks from the book of 2 John about being led by the Spirit, not isolated but ministering in the truth. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES 2 John 1-13 FROM THE MESSAGE “You have the Holy Spirit living in you and the Holy Spirit will lead you. We no […]

Contending For The Faith (Jude)

Jude – Contending For The Faith TOPIC The book of Jude teaches us about contending for the faith. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Jude 1-25     2 Timothy 3:8 FROM THE MESSAGE “We know these truths and live holy lives because the 66 books of the Bible are the inspired word of God and our authority for faith […]

A True Beginning – The Not So Great Society (Genesis 4:17-25)

Genesis 4:17-25 – The Not-So-Great Society TOPIC The societies that come from the line of Cain are contrasted with the one that comes from the line of Seth. The difference is that one is full of believers, the other is not. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 4:17-25     Exodus 12:37     Job 14:5     Proverbs 14:34     Proverbs 16:9     Acts 17:26-27     […]

First Serve – Then I Saw His Grace, Now I’m A Believer!

Mark 16:9-20 – Then I Saw His Grace, Now I’m A Believer! The risen Lord gives His followers the Great Commission to go into all the world preaching the Gospel of salvation by grace through faith. listen to the audio read the transcript audio en español notas en español “People sometimes accuse Christians of having […]