A True Beginning – The Not So Great Society (Genesis 4:17-25)

Genesis 4:17-25 - The Not-So-Great Society


The societies that come from the line of Cain are contrasted with the one that comes from the line of Seth. The difference is that one is full of believers, the other is not.


Genesis 4:17-25     Exodus 12:37     Job 14:5     Proverbs 14:34     Proverbs 16:9     Acts 17:26-27     Ephesians 2:10


The Bible says that God establishes our steps, that He has allotted the number of our days, that He has marked out our time and boundaries, that He has custom made a path of life, full of good works for us to discover and walk in. Do you not think that He has a particular person in mind to give you in that most significant relationship of your life? He does. Wait on the Lord and allow Him to bring you together with your spouse.

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