A True Beginning – The Not So Great Society (Genesis 4:17-25)

Genesis 4:17-25 – The Not-So-Great Society TOPIC The societies that come from the line of Cain are contrasted with the one that comes from the line of Seth. The difference is that one is full of believers, the other is not. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 4:17-25     Exodus 12:37     Job 14:5     Proverbs 14:34     Proverbs 16:9     Acts 17:26-27     […]

A True Beginning – How To Get Away From Murder (Genesis 4:1-16)

Genesis 4:1-16 – How To Get Away From Murder TOPIC Cain and Abel bring an offering to the Lord, showing the condition of their hearts, and Cain decides to murder his brother. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 4:1-16     Luke 11:50-51     Hebrews 11:4     James 1:15     2 Timothy 3:16-17     1 Peter 4:10     1 John 3:12 FROM THE MESSAGE “God […]